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The team - Icon of Chele Chele

Aziz – Founder & Owner

Aziz - Icon of Chele Chele

Born and raised in East Africa, Aziz brings over three decades of invaluable experience in the tourism, hospitality, and safari industry to the table. His expertise and dedication ensure that he is always available to assist in planning your ideal villa stay and safari in Tanzania.

Richard Metivan

Richard is the operations officer and always there on your arrival to welcome you. For booking day trips or safaris Richard can arrange a customized safari experience for you.

Mwanaidi Juma

Mwanaidi - Icon of Chele Chele

Hostess, Cook & Housekeeping. Mwanaidi is a local resident and loving mother to all our guests. An expert cook in Continental, Tanzanian, and Asian cuisines, her meal offerings are both  delicious and healthy.

Lindah Evarest

Hostess, Cook, Housekeeping & Server. Lindah studied Hotel Management in Arusha and compliments this with her natural charm. She too is an expert cook in Continental, Tanzanian and Asian cuisines

Warda  – Hostess & Server

Hostess , Server & Housekeeping. Warda is keen to take care of our guests and always eager to learn new skills from cooking to computers.

Lomitu John Pasindawa – POOL CARER

Pool attendant and gardener. A local resident, he has been with us since 1995. With Peter he maintains the garden and forest.

Peter Momoya – Gardener

Peter has been with us for years and with Lomito keeps the garden and forest in excellent shape. Peter also takes care of the guard dogs.

Salim – Gardener

Salim joined the Lomitu & Peter duo, and plays a big role in taking care of the sprawling gardens.

Joshua – Organic farmer

Mr. Greenfingers. Joshua takes care of our vegetable ‘patch’. Many of the vegetables and salads that you’ll enjoy have been organically grown by him.

Mitinyeki – Watchman

Mitinyeki - Icon of Chele Chele

Being a traditional Maasai from the region you will see Mitinyeki performing his duties as a watchman wearing his traditional Shuka with both guard dogs closely on his heels. Icon of Chele Chele, he is also a traditional herbalist.

Due to his status and tender age we all refer to him as Babu (grandfather) Nyeki.

Ismail – Watchman

Ismail - Icon of Chele Chele

Ismail has been a watchman for the property since the 1980’s. Like Babu Nyeki, he too is an icon of Chele Chele.