Architectural History of the Villa

The villa was designed in a Bauhaus style for Captain Murray by renowned German architect Ernst May. May was a city planner for the German cities of Frankfurt, Stuttgart and Berlin and greatly influenced the urban city view of German city life.

The Villa, completed in October 1936, was built on a coffee estate of over 400 acres of Arabica coffee. The estate was producing coffee until the early 1970s.

It since then changed hands privately and had major renovations to maintain the original state of an elegant English country Villa with an African flair and décor. It features many original details and African artifacts collected during its almost 100 year history.

Photo copyrights to the following book;

Ernst May – Architektund Stadplanner in Afrika 1934-1953

Author: EckhardHerrel


ISBN 3 8030 1203 1


Chele Chele Villa
Sangananu, Tanzania


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