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Lithuanian group

African treasure! We spent eight days at Chele Chele Villa. It was a wonderful place for a meditation retreat with lots of space for practice. Rooms and common spaces are authentically decorated, creating the spirit of real Africa. Every detail is thought out. The rooms are extremely cozy and spacious. Well maintained and clean. We enjoyed spending cozy evenings by the fireplace. The Villa area is surrounded by a large garden with a view of Kilimanjaro. We were constantly watched by various monkeys in the trees. It was fun daily entertainment. The flowers and trees in the garden enriched our daily practices with their colors and scents. The Villa staff are like family members. Every wish we had was fulfilled upon request. We wanted vegetarian food. This request was met with abundance. Fresh, homemade food prepared with love and its variety made us happy every day. When we came back from the safari, we were treated to surprises, a candlelight dinner that was simply enchanting and a barbeque lunch under a giant bamboo. Every morning started with warm hugs and dancing. When we came back after a day of traveling we felt like coming home, welcomed and loved. We were lucky to be able to meet the owner of the villa, Aziz, who created an extraordinary atmosphere for the whole group, shared his stories, surrounded us with attention and warmth. Thanks to his funny stories, we laughed heartily. Chele Chele Villa will remain in our memory for a lifetime. It is an authentic experience of real Africa, big hearted people, boundless spirit, authenticity, friendship and real family. We recommend this to everyone 1000 percent!!! With love and gratitude, Ashante sana!